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We offer CNC milling services for any type of custom CNC parts, whether plastics or metals, simple or complex. Our precision 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC machines, combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, can provide high-quality CNC machined parts and fast delivery. We guarantee your CNC milling projects will be handled smoothly by our in-house CNC machining department and supplier network. As a result, you can focus on bringing your product to market. If you need a reliable CNC Milling Service company, V1 Machining will never let you down!

Our experienced CNC Milling Service engineers can select the right tools and optimize tool paths, achieve an ideal CNC milling surface, and keep tight tolerances. We can provide all types of custom CNC machined parts to meet your project needs.

CNC Milling Parts What We Offer

Our CNC milling service is a highly flexible way to create a prototype or manufacture high-volume end-used parts. Able to handle a wide range of milling materials, our CNC machining capabilities are ideal for most projects. Our CNC experts know how to cut your parts fast to reduce costs. They are also skilled in milling the complex geometry to tight tolerances that custom-designed milled parts in different materials require. By CNC milling service, We have delivered a million+ high-quality CNC parts to our worldwide customers.

  • Mold Components: CNC milling service plays a crucial role in mold making. Mold cavities, mold bases, sliders, lifters, and other mold components can be milled.
  • Plastic and Metal: Parts like valves and engine houses require complex geometry and tight tolerances. We can make such parts with our 5-axis CNC milling services.
  • Medical Parts: CNC milled implants in medical-grade material. We are familiar with bone fracture plates and other components which can be used in surgery.
  • Automotive Prototypes: Besides mechanical parts such as aluminum engine houses and covers and steel shafts, by cnc milling we can also manufacture parts with tiny features like light guides and reflectors.
  • Machine Components: This is a rotating cutter for mask machines. It must be sharp but also maintain the concentricity under +/-0.01mm.
  • CNC Milled Adapters: CNC milled aluminum adapters with tight tolerance for dimensions and angles of the holes, with an alodine finish.

CNC Milling Service Tolerances

During the design phase of a CNC milling service project, there are several critical factors to consider. The desired geometry of a part affects both how it will be positioned in the CNC machine and the time required for set up. If a part must be manually repositioned in the CNC machine, the cost will increase, and accuracy may be affected. During operation, the part may vibrate and result in loose tolerances. Deformation may occur because of the workpiece vibrating during machining. The geometry of the tools used can also influence how a part is shaped. Lastly, after cnc milling services, if the cutting tool is unable to reach the surface of the raw material, it cannot be machined, limiting the ability of creating hidden internal geometries.

Below are the specs and standard tolerances specific to CNC milling and turning:

  • Metal materials +/- 0.005
  • Plastic materials +/- 0.008

CNC Machining Precision Part

Automotive Manufacturing Parts
Medical Equipment Parts
Consumer Electronics Parts
Precision Mold Parts
Communication Parts
Industrial Robotics Parts
Semiconductor Industry Parts
Mechanical Industry Parts

CNC Machining Production Equipment

5-axis turning milling compound machining
CNC Machining center workshop
CNC Lathe Center
CNC automatic lathe workshop
Lathe workshop
WEDM WorkShop

Surface Finish of CNC Milling Services

  • Bead Blasting: Bead blasting adds a satin or matte finish to a CNC part. The matte finish is accomplished by using a pressurized air gun to shoot glass beads at a part.
  • Powder Coating: Following powder coating, the part has a thin protective layer that adds strength and wear-resistance. During the powder coating process, the part is first primed using a chromating or phosphating coat. Next, after CNC Milling Service, the part receives a dry powder coating from an electrostatic spray gun. Lastly, the part is cured in an oven.
  • Anodizing: Once a CNC part has been anodized, it has an oxide layer that increases its density, thickness, and durability. Anodization also makes a part electrically non-conductive. During the anodizing process, the part is placed into an acid electrolyte bath which serves as an anode. A cathode is added to the part, and an electrical current is passed through the acid. Oxygen ions from the electrolyte and atoms from the alloy are combined along the surface of the part.
  • As-Milled: As-milled or as-machined products do not require a secondary process. They will still have visible blemishes and may have a rough surface.
  • Surface Grinding: Surface grinding produces a smooth finish. Surface grinding removes material by using a high-speed abrasive wheel as a cutting tool. The surface grinding process is used when a specific size or precision finish is required.
  • Polishing: Polishing improves the CNC milling service dimensions and accuracy of a part while producing a mirror gloss finish. Polishing tools and abrasive materials are used to achieve a smooth surface.

CNC Milling Service Characteristics

  1. The parts have strong adaptability and flexibility, and CNC milling service can process parts with particularly complex contours or difficult to control dimensions, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc.;
  2. It can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or are difficult to process, such as complex curve parts and three-dimensional space surface parts described by mathematical models;
  3. Parts that need to be processed in multiple processes after one clamping and positioning can be processed;
  4. High processing precision, stable and reliable processing quality, the pulse equivalent of the numerical control device is generally 0.001mm, and the high-precision numerical control system can reach 0.1μm. In addition, the numerical control processing also avoids the operator’s operating errors;
  5. The production automation is high, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Conducive to production management automation;
  6. High production efficiency. CNC milling machines generally do not need to use special process equipment such as special fixtures. When replacing workpieces, it is only necessary to call the processing programs, clamping tools and adjustment tool data stored in the CNC device, thus greatly shortening production. cycle. Secondly, the CNC milling machine has the functions of milling machine, boring machine and drilling machine, which makes the process highly concentrated and greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the spindle speed and feed speed of the CNC milling service are infinitely variable, so it is beneficial to choose the best cutting amount;

CNC Machining Testing Equipment

Ultra High Precision CMM
Touch CMM
Zeiss CMM
Large Gantry Measuring Machine
Roundness Measuring Instrument
Quality Inspection

What is CNC Milling Service Definition?

CNC milling produces parts without cylindrical features. During the milling process, the workpiece is stationary while a cutter rotates around it, subtracting material to create the desired shape. CNC milling service is used to create finished products and can be used as a secondary step when more definition is desired. Materials used for CNC milling service include metal, glass, plastics, elastomers and composites. The benefits of CNC milling service include high accuracy, production rates and precision.

Differences Between CNC Turning and Milling Service

There are distinct differences between CNC turning and CNC milling service. CNC milling process uses a moving tool along a stationary workpiece to remove raw material. During CNC turning, the workpiece rotates while a cutting tool moves along the material to create a shape. CNC turning is good for projects that require cylindrical parts. CNC milling service should be used for parts that do not require a cylindrical shape and may be used as a secondary finish to add definition. Complex parts that require prismatic and cylindrical features may use a combination of milling and turning.

10 Reasons to Choose V1 CNC Milling Service

  1. Complete CNC milling service solutions
  2. Short delivery times
  3. Superb finish
  4. ISO-certified for cnc milling service
  5. Certified materials of top quality
  6. Strict quality control in all pieces one by one
  7. Fully trained specialized CNC programmers and operators
  8. CNC manufacturing from a single piece to complete batches
  9. Complex parts and components of 1 – 1000mm
  10. Absolute confidentiality (NDA agreements)