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V1 Machining offers a rapid metal CNC machining service for custom production of your prototype parts, unit parts, or small series (from 1 to 100+ parts). Our capabilities allow us to produce your functional metal parts very quickly in as little as one working day. This precision mechanical process is the best choice for prototyping and rapid production of small and large metal parts. You receive high dimensional precision parts made from a wide choice of ‘right materials’: aluminum machining, steel machining, stainless-steel machining, brass machining, etc metal cnc machining service.

To produce your metal parts, we have 3-axis and indexed 5-axis Metal CNC machining centers (machining by digital control) as well as a fleet of machines and high-performance tools. From a block of metal material, we produce your parts as quickly as possible using the most appropriate technique (Metal CNC turning, Metal CNC milling,Metal CNC drilling, Metal CNC boring, etc.). This is known as a “subtractive” production method because there is a removal of material. We recommend CNC metal machining for functional, mechanical, thermal or aesthetic validations.

Metal Part machining : CNC milling and turning

Metal CNC milling is used to obtain high-precision shaped parts. Automated cutting tools are used to machine the metal block (fixed) that moves on 3 or 5 axes. Metal CNC turning is used for the machining of cylindrical parts. Cutting tools are used to machine the block which also rotates.

CNC production makes it possible to obtain parts that are very close to series parts. This production process is more efficient and faster than other rapid prototyping technologies for a quantity of metal prototypes between 1 and 20 parts. We also recommend Metal CNC machining for larger-sized parts (exceeding 600 mm).

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Since metal cnc machining does not require the use of molds, our production costs and times are reduced (depending on the geometry). The machines we use are mainly 3- or 5-axis (or 3 + 2) Metal CNC machining centers with digital control. They are controlled by a computer program that controls the drawing based on your 3D file. We offer a wide range of high-quality metal materials for a finish closer to the desired properties. We also perform the mounting of assemblies and subassemblies.

Dimensions for metal cnc machining: we machine your metal parts with small to large sizes, from a few centimeters to 1,5 meters.

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Choosing the proper metal CNC machining involves considering some factors. The metal you select is critical to the final success. For example, the metal may need to be resistant to high temperatures or bend or break under pressure. When choosing the correct metal, corrosion resistance, workability, pricing, weight, and visual look all play a role.

Metal CNC Machining Services

V1 Machining offers a state-of-the-art Metal CNC Machining service, guaranteed quality, and fast lead time. With over 50 metal milling and metal turning machines, we can provide consistent, high-quality machined parts and competitive pricing. With us, you can make easy or complex orders for prototypes, low to large volume CNC production runs in a wide variety of metals, and surface finish options.

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What Material Is Used in Metal CNC Machining?

Metal CNC machining is a great option to make metal parts with high precision and accuracy, what metals can be machined with CNC machines?

  • Aluminum — aluminum is probably the most widely used Metal CNC milling material. The high speed metal cnc machining of CNC aluminum machining makes aluminum a more useful material for CNC manufacturing. Aluminum is widely used in the production of aircraft parts, automobile parts, bicycle frames, and food containers because of its lightweight, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, and low price.
  • Stainless steel — stainless steel alloys are not affected by most stains and rust. The material is favored for its strength and corrosion resistance and can be used in anything from surgical equipment to electronic hardware. Stainless steel is a widely used Metal CNC machining material, which is strong and durable, expanding its application in various industries.
  • Carbon steel — carbon steel is also one of the popular materials used in Metal CNC machining. It has a variety of types to choose from depending on your application requirements. Due to its durability, safety, long shelf life, economic and environmental protection, the material is mainly used for CNC metal machining.
  • Brass — brass is widely regarded as one of the easiest and most cost-effective materials for precision Metal CNC machining services. It is selected to manufacture complex parts requiring complicated functions. Brass is easy to process, smooth and clean. It can be used to manufacture medical equipment, consumer goods, electronic hardware and contacts, accessories, commercial products, etc.
  • Titanium — titanium is heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which makes it a feasible choice for many industrial applications. Titanium is not affected by salt and water. It is widely used in the manufacture of medical implants, aircraft parts, and jewelry.
  • Magnesium — magnesium is the lightest structural metal widely used by precision metal cnc machining service providers. Magnesium has excellent machinability, strength, and robustness, which makes it very suitable for many industrial applications.