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If you need intricate components fabricated by a reliable precision CNC parts manufacturer, you can trust with CNC Swiss machining services offered at V1 Machining, which is a China top Swiss CNC machining company that is specialized in CNC services and precision hardware production for decades of years, and have the capability to provide Swiss CNC machining services with the latest Swiss turning and machining technology for the manufacturing needs of various industries all over the world. With advanced Swiss lathe and Swiss machines, as well as other manufacturing facilities, our seasoned experts and technicians can give you the most cost-effective solutions and produce the highest quality Swiss machined parts based on the industry standards and customer requirements. From 5 axis milling service to CNC Swiss machining services, from Swiss CNC turning to wire EDM, no matter what type of CNC components you call for, our team will help you to approach the standard. The available machining materials at v1 swiss cnc machining including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. Welcome to contact us to get a free quote fast.

How Swiss CNC Machine Machining Parts?

A Swiss CNC machining machine—also known as a Swiss type lathe or a Swiss automatic lathe—is a modern precision manufacturing machine that can produce extremely small parts quickly and accurately.

A Swiss machine works by feeding bar stock through a guide bushing, which firmly supports the material as it feeds into the tooling area of the machine. In addition, only the portion of the bar stock being machined advances into the tooling area, which means that material is held tightly in place for increased stability and precision.

With a traditional CNC lathe, the workpiece typically rotates rapidly in a fixed position, held firmly on one or both ends. In contrast, with a Swiss lathe, the workpiece can both turn and move back and forth along the Z-axis while various tools cut away the features of the part. Furthermore, Swiss turning machines can perform several operations simultaneously in multiple zones, whereas a traditional lathe typically only performs one operation at a time.

Although Swiss cnc machining machines have traditionally been used for turned pieces like screws, Swiss machines can also produce complex pieces that have no turned surfaces at all.

V1 Swiss CNC Machining Services Capabilities

Our Swiss cnc machining services are the option of a variety of industries. We are capable of delivering the best precision Swiss machined parts to your exact needs with the following materials.

Swiss CNC Machining Materials: Stainless steel (303, 304, 316, 416, 420, etc.), carbon steel (1018, 1045, etc.), aluminum (6061, 6063, etc.), brass, copper, plastics, etc.
Swiss CNC Machining Industries: medical instrument, surgical tools, optical measurement equipment, computer fittings, military and defense, watch industry, etc.

CNC Machining Precision Part

Automotive Manufacturing Parts
Medical Equipment Parts
Consumer Electronics Parts
Precision Mold Parts
Communication Parts
Industrial Robotics Parts
Semiconductor Industry Parts
Mechanical Industry Parts

CNC Machining Production Equipment

5-axis turning milling compound machining
CNC Machining center workshop
CNC Lathe Center
CNC automatic lathe workshop
Lathe workshop
WEDM WorkShop

Swiss CNC Machining Applications

Various industries and applications require extremely precise, small components manufactured within near-perfect tolerances. Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, Swiss CNC machining is the ideal manufacturing method for producing intricate parts ranging from medical tools and spinal implants to miniature aerospace components and more.
Swiss cnc machining is notably popular in these industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Oil & gas
  • Robotics
  • Lawn and garden
  • Consumer electronics
  • Military and government
  • Musical instruments
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Power distribution and power equipment

Why Choose V1 Swiss CNC Machining?

The machining capabilities at V1 Machining now include CNC Swiss precision machining. Our newly acquired Swiss Tsugami B0326-II provides production flexibility in addition to reduced material costs. It can quickly change over tooling to minimize production times to ensure fast turnarounds for your project.
Additional capabilities include:

  • 5-Axis swiss cnc machining
  • 12-Ft. Bar Length Capacity
  • Chucking or Guide Bushing Capability
  • Syncronized Machining with Main and Sub Spindle

CNC Machining Testing Equipment

Ultra High Precision CMM
Touch CMM
Zeiss CMM
Large Gantry Measuring Machine
Roundness Measuring Instrument
Quality Inspection

Benefits of Swiss CNC Machining

Originally designed for the watch-making industry, Swiss cnc machining machines have exploded in popularity within precision manufacturing. This is because Swiss type lathes are uniquely capable of producing extremely small, precise parts at a rapid pace. The combination of high precision and high production volume make Swiss machines a critical piece of equipment for shops that must produce a large volume of small and intricate parts with little margin for error.

  • Extremely tight tolerances — Swiss cnc machining machines firmly support the workpiece right next to the point of operation throughout the machining process. Because the piece is supported so close to the tooling operation, the part remains steady, virtually unaffected by the force of the tools. This ensures precision within extremely tight tolerances—even when machining very small parts..
  • More Complex Parts — Because of how well the bar stock is supported throughout the machining process, Swiss machines can also produce more intricate parts with thinner walls, more delicate features, and deeper cuts that would not be possible on other machines.
  • Fast Pace — The cycle time for a Swiss machine can be significantly shorter than other types of CNC machines. Where other machines may require an hour or more to machine a single part, Swiss machining can produce upwards of 30 parts per hour, depending on the size and complexity of the part.
  • Ready-to-Ship Parts — Swiss CNC machining machines produce such a fine and precise result that these machines can reduce or eliminate the need for secondary operations, often resulting in parts that are ready to ship right out of the machine.